Guttermouth Gabby: The Angry Critic

Here’s a story…of a girl named Gabby!  Back in 2000, I found Gabby serving up drinks at a Chicago watering hole (anyone who knows me KNOWS which one).  We got into a conversation about movies, and WOW did she have a mouthful to say!  After a minute or two, I KNEW this was material worthy of being on the radio.  So, Gabby started phoning in these reviews to the show each week on WXXY.  After a slew of phone calls & e-mails came in response, I decided to bring Gabby into the studio.

Gabby continued with the bits every Thursday night until I left The 80s Channel.  I tried to bring her with me to 94.7 The Zone, but my boss just blew off the idea (among other things).  Once I left for Energy 92-7 & 5, Gabby followed closely behind.  When Energy went off-air in 2003, Gab took her reviews to 103.5 Kiss-FM.  After being jerked around by those guys for a couple weeks, Gabby’s “colorful” reviews vanished into radio history.

I’ve found MOST of the bits from The 80s Channel and have posted them here for your listening enjoyment!  Gabby and I still see each other from time to time, and would LOVE to do a full radio show together someday.  Or, at the least, bring “Guttermouth Gabby – The Angry Critic” back to the radio!