Energy 92-7 & 5 / Chicago, IL (2001-03)

3 days after I returned to Energy 92-7 & 5, I got to make the first announcement of “Energy Blast 2001!”  This was a HUGE deal for us, as we had never put together a concert of this massive size before.  We brought (in no particular order) Ultra Nate, Rockell, Sarina Paris, New Life Crisis, Chili Hi Fly, TKA, Becca, Underdog Project, Ali Damisi, Pepper Mashay, and Thunderpuss to The Odeum in Villa Park.  Here are some photos from that awesome night, 8/25/2001!

It may have been short-lived, but the “Energy Wake-Up Service” DID have it’s fair share of guests stop by the studio.  From musical artists to TV stars to local celebrities, we made some friends!  Here’s just a sample of some of those guests.

When we started the “Energy Wake-Up Service,” we needed some pictures of the three of us interacting.  So, one day after the show, we got a bit giddy with the camera.  These pics were taken at the station by Kid Stone.  (Though, I think he was just Harmeyer at that point.  Or was it Deacon Kane?)

Some of these pics are from the “Energy Wake-Up Service” days. Some are from “The Jeffro Show” at night.  You’ll figure it out!

Well, this is about it for Energy pictures.  Pretty much the entire staff showed up on this cold Sunday night to shut the station down the right way…PARTYING!  There are a number of pics from “The Last Dance” floating around the net.  These are the ones *I* took on 1/5/2003.