Q102 / Philadelphia, PA (1996-98)

From 1990-95, I played DJ in whole slew of small-medium markets (Reading PA, Lancaster PA, Harrisburg PA, Easton PA, Wilkes-Barre PA, Atlantic City NJ, Greenville SC, Charlotte NC, Wilmington DE & Roanoke VA).  Then, in 1995, while doing afternoons at K92 in Roanoke, I got the call to come up to the bigs.  I was taking over middays back home at Q102 in Philadelphia!  This was a station I listened to all through high school.  WHAT A THRILL!  I was 20 when I took the gig.  At that time, it was rare for a 20 year old to be hired in (then) market #4.  Nowadays, it’s the norm.  Was I in over my head?  Probably.  But, it sure was a LOT of fun!  It was also a LOT of hair – as these pictures will prove.  In 1997, I came off the air to be imaging director.  I thought it’s what I wanted, but it wasn’t.  I grew to miss being a deejay, and needed to get back on the air.  I left Q102 in 1/98.