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New Showtime…Who Dis?


First, let me congratulate (now former) fellow “weekend warrior” Lisa Dent on her promotion to middays at Big 95-5! We’re both CBS Radio refugees who made the jump to iHeartRadio last June. Lisa has so many fans and this move should be great for everyone!

With that move comes a round of DJ Musical Chairs. Gotta admit, I’m ALL about it. Starting this weekend, I’ll move up into Lisa’s former time slot of Noon-6pm Saturdays and Sundays. Working while the sun’s out…WHAT A CONCEPT 😉

It’s hard to believe I’m about to celebrate my 20th anniversary of hitting the air in Chicago! On 12/12/1998, I packed the car and left Pittsburgh for a brand new job at a brand new radio station – 92.7 Kiss-FM. 2 days later, I started a brand new chapter in my whirlwind journey as the very first DJ on-air there.

Harry Legg, Chris Shebel, me, & Luis Lopez – in the beginning!

The first decade of my career was transient, to put it mildly. I never signed an apartment lease longer than 6 months. I came, I saw, I conquered, I left. Veni, vidi, vici, vamoose!” That was always the game plan. Make a splash, then move up to a bigger stage. When I got to Chicago, that all changed. Partly because there are only a couple stages bigger, but mostly because I fell in love with this city! Had you asked me in 1998 where I would be in 2018, I would NEVER have guessed right here on Big 95-5. (This station was still WNUA back then. How COULD I have possibly known?!?)

TWENTY years later, I want to thank YOU for listening! We’ve been through a lot of stuff…through a lot of stations…and I really appreciate you sticking with me!

Fingers crossed we can do this again soon on weekdays.