Voiceovers By Jeffrey T.

As a radio production and imaging professional in the 1990’s, it was only logical for me to delve into the world of voiceovers.  However, with my hectic schedule, it was tough to find time to freelance!  These days, I do a four hour daily radio show. That leaves a lot of time to get back to my roots..and provide voice work for radio imaging and commercials!

Voiceovers by Jeffrey T has been featured on major market stations in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington DC, Miami and others.  Also, many small & medium market stations have found me to be a major asset, thanks to reasonable rates…unlike the OVERUSED voiceover artists.

As a successful radio programmer & award-winning air personality for 25 years, I get needs of radio stations.  My style is versatile.  The turnaround – FAST.  And, most importantly – the work is SOLID!  (Not to mention surprisingly reasonable, negotiable rates!)  Delivery is available by e-mail, FTP or even CD.

Whether you are looking for a  long-term deal, or just a one-time voiceover, I’d LOVE to hear from you.  Drop me a line at voiceovers@jeffreyt.com, and I’ll make your needs a REALITY!

Station Imaging Demo

[audio http://www.jeffroradio.com/JTMVO_hi.mp3]

Commercial Demo

[audio http://www.jeffroradio.com/SPOTS_edit_hi.mp3]