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Radio’s Revolving Door…And A Promise

As I have said on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I am SO grateful for the last four-and-a-half years you’ve listened to my show on (the now-former) 104.3 K-Hits! Sadly, that era has come to an end.

Hey, I’ve been doing this radio thing since 1990. November 23rd to be exact. So, I’m about to celebrate 27 years behind the microphone! The reality is losing my job to a format change has become “old hat.”

Listeners and friends have been extremely kind to reach out and ask if I’m OK. The answer is “YES!” These things don’t bring me down. In fact, it’s the nature of this business I chose. You know the old saying: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” I know how this game plays out! With very few exceptions in my career, the experience has been worth the end result – whatever that may have been.

Nearly 15 years ago, I was in a similar predicament when the company that owned Energy 92-7 & 5 folded. I wanted desperately to stay on the radio here in Chicago. So, I stuck around. Eventually, the severance ran out. Then, the unemployment ran out. Finally, my savings and patience ran out. I had to find work elsewhere. That’s when I took a job doing mornings in Indianapolis.

I told myself it was only temporary…until something opened up in Chicago. I would only be three hours down the road and could just come back home. While the job DID turn out to be “temporary” (it lasted only one year), my next stop wasn’t Chicago. Nor was the next one…nor the following one…nor another four for that matter! It took TEN years for me to find the right opportunity in my favorite city on Earth. That, of course, was at 104.3 K-Hits.

I will NOT repeat this a second time! I have zero intention of leaving Chicago again. The key difference this time is that I’m 100% willing to walk away from radio. If no opportunities present themselves here in a timely manner, I’m “hanging up the headphones” as they say.  I’ve finally reached the point where quality of life trumps passion. I love this city so much, I’ll sacrifice a nearly 30 year career to stay.

This decision was not made hastily. I’ve had to pack my things, move to a new city, and basically uproot my life TWELVE times! While that was fun as a teenager in the early ’90s, the whole experience lost its luster many years ago. There won’t be a 13th time.

Sooooooo, you will either hear me on the radio soon…or find me packing boxes at Amazon! If it’s the latter, please subscribe to Amazon Prime. See? I’m already on the job! A.B.C. Always. Be. Closing.


Let’s address the elephant in the room. was EXTREMELY outdated! I built the website in 1999 and, with very few exceptions, it has looked pretty much the same for all of those 16 years. That elephant was probably still using Netscape Navigator 😉

A change was way overdue for a variety of reasons.

  1. It was designed on Microsoft Front Page 2000, a program that is now obsolete.
  2. Once platforms like Facebook and Twitter became popular, I pretty much gave this website the cold shoulder and cheated with those social media hussies! It needed some love.
  3. Change – for whatever reason – is GOOD.

So, that change is finally here. Take a look at the brand new!

Have You Heard Jeffro Radio?

While I’m sure at some point you’ve heard me on the radio (why else would you have Googled me?), you may not have heard my side project. Let’s change that!


It’s called – shockingly – Jeffro Radio. Even more shockingly, the one thing NOT on Jeffro Radio…is Jeffro! However, it is 100% created and programmed by me.

Jeffro Radio plays “Hits of the 80s, 90s, 2K + Today.” This isn’t the same old list of 250 over-researched songs like you hear on terrestrial or even satellite radio. These are ALL the hits. Some you’ll remember, others you’ve forgotten…but you’ll be able to sing along with every one!

Jeffro Radio also features an hourly Beatles Breakthrough and Snuggle Track. Complementing the package are jingles from JAM Creative Productions and TM Studios along with classic 1980s style audio processing. It’s truly an exciting listening experience!

Jeffro Radio is commercial-free, subscription-free and available online at and through our custom app in the smartphone store of your choice (Google Play, iTunes or Blackberry World). We’re also on TuneIn if you’d prefer.

Give Jeffro Radio a shot! I know you’ll soon be an addict.

Two words: THANK YOU!

Thank you for listening…a lot. Since moving from evenings to middays in 2014, ratings at 104.3 K-Hits have skyrocketed! The midday show is consistently top 3 in Chicago. On more than one occasion, it’s actually been ranked #1!

There have been a number of accomplishments through my radio career for which I am extremely proud. Becoming a program director at age 18 and launching brand new CHR Mix 99.3 in Harrisburg, PA was my first big one. Building, imaging, signing on and programming The 80s Channel 103.1 WXXY here in Chicago back in 1999 was another. Bringing 94.5 KOOL-FM back to #1 in Phoenix was way up there as well. Though, none of those compare to being on top in Chicago.

I can’t accurately describe my excitement, pride…and, most importantly, GRATITUDE. I’ve been madly in love with this city, its radio scene, and all of its listeners since my very first day here in 1998. Chicago is different than any other radio market in America. It’s more “special.” So, again, THANK YOU!!!

Also, a HUGE thanks to Chicago media reporter and critic Robert Feder for his extremely kind articles on both my promotion and ratings. Believe me, Mr. Feder hasn’t always painted a pretty picture of my work. Need I remind you of this?


That being said, he tells it like it is! So, I know I’m doing well when he gives a flattering review.

Onward and upward! Let’s have some fun on the radio…Sunday through Friday 10am-2pm. I’d LOVE to hear from you! 312-729-1043.